Forthcoming Ziacom news

Mantenemos un proceso constante de investigación e innovación que mejore los productos y soluciones implantológicas que ofrecemos, reforzando nuestro compromiso con la satisfacción de nuestros clientes y sus pacientes.

Ziasure fixation system

Our new Ziasure fixation system of pins (ZS1) and screws (ZS2) has been designed to secure and immobilise bone grafts, soft tissue and membranes, both reabsorbable and non-reabsorbable, in guided bone regeneration procedures (GBR) procedures.

With Ziasure, your guided bone regeneration treatments will be much more predictable and effective.

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Titansure Active surface treatment  

In collaboration with the Biointelligence Systems research group, we have developed Titansure Active, the surface treatment that creates the perfect conditions for quicker, more effective implant osseointegration.

Titansure Active has been developed as a combination of our Titansure treatment and BBL (Bone Bioactive Liquid) technology, responsible for increasing cell adhesion to ensure maximum biocompatibility.

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Digital impression system - Di²gital Arch 

Di²gital Arch, developed together with Dr Luis Cuadrado, was created with the aim of making the immediate full-digital treatment of completely and partially edentulous patients a predictable, simple and replicable process.

Used as a fixed reference structure, this system aids the alignment and overlay of the scans obtained in different clinical situations in a single patient.

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